About Musical Discoveries

Testimonials: What the Moms and kids are saying…

~My 3 year old is in musical discoveries and she loves Miss Julie. The first thing she asks each day is if it’s her music class day. I really recommend it!!! Sylvia…Mom of 4 year old

~My son comes home from his classes at Musical Discoveries very animated and excited about music.  I notice him singing more that he ever used to, and showing a keen interest in rhythm.  I think that Musical Discoveries is one of the best programs we’ve encountered yet!  Keep up the great work Miss Julie! Emily…Mom of 3 year old.

~We have been loving our time together in the Musical Tots classes.  Miss Julie keeps the music going steady, with lots of sensory activities thrown in to engage the little ones attention and curiosity.  Definitely a highlight of our week!  Thanks Miss Julie! Sharon…Mom of 16 month old.

~Even after I signed up, I wondered how can a 6 month old really benefit from music?  Miss Julie has shown an amazing talent in keeping even the littlest ones engaged and I can see how many benefits there are just from that 30 minutes a week of music for my daughter!  Keep up the great work Miss Julie! We will continue to attend as she grows older! …Sandy, Mom of 6 month old.

~I love my music class.  Miss Julie is fun.  She has neat drums and bells.  …Matthew age 3 years

~I can’t wait to go to Miss Julie’s class!  I want to go everyday! She knows all my favorite songs …Deanna age 4

~When I grow up I am going to play piano like Miss Julie.  I love music just like her and she is my favorite teacher… Sarah age 4

~My daughter completed the “Mini Musicians” program with Miss Julie, and I can’t believe how much she now knows about the note names, where the matching keys on the piano are and so much more music stuff!  She walks around singing Do Re Mi all the time!  I love the program.  A quality one for sure… Dana, Mom of 3 year old


Musical Discoveries is offered in a cheerful, bright and exciting learning atmosphere. The children will be offered the opportunity to handle and experience all kinds of exciting and unique musical instruments.

This program gives your children the opportunity to socialize with other children their age, develop a love and appreciation for music, and learn to respect their teacher and peers. Throughout this program, your child will have the opportunity to learn in all five areas of growth; Physical, Social, Cognitive, Creative, and Emotional. All of these things are so important to channel your child into formal learning settings in the future. Maybe your child will be a professional musician one day, or maybe they won’t go on to play an instrument at all. However, either way, this program will benefit them for the future, and stimulate them in the present.

Below, are 8 major benefits of music exposure to young children…

  1. Assists motor development especially coordination of hands, eyes and body
  2. Group orchestra or ensemble activities help promote cooperation, social harmony and teach kids discipline while working together toward a common goal.
  3. In vocal music learning rhythm, phrasing, and pitch greatly enhances language, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary skills.
  4. Improves critical reading and writing
  5. Boosts creative thinking
  6. Solo performance is connected to self-esteem. Children learn to reach for their very best.
  7. Enables a higher level of concentration

Children who study music usually have a better attitude, are more motivated and are less intimidated by learning new things

musical discoveries themes

Musical Discoveries is a non-denominational program where children from all backgrounds are welcome to register and attend. The program will include musical themes such as Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, as well as all four seasons of the year.


At Musical Discoveries, I will take the security and safety of your children very seriously. As a parent myself, I know that I will not leave my children anywhere that there is a question about their safety or well being. Once the child has been dropped off by a parent or approved caregiver, and all the children are present for class, the doors will be locked until the class is over. No one unknown to me will be allowed in during class sessions.