Class Content


**Though “moms” are referred to in the class descriptions,any approved caregiver or family member is welcome to attend with the child**

 Baby sensory and music classes: 6 – 12 months

“Maestro Babies” 30 minutes 

This class is designed for the littlest ones.  It is a 30 minute class that will introduce your baby to music in its gentlest forms, as well as sensory and visual experiences.  All activities will be done in an age appropriate manner, and will promote your child’s learning and intelligence.  This is a great opportunity to come and bond with your little ones, while helping encourage their little minds to further develop. Also a great chance to meet other Moms and Babies.

Musical Tot and Mixed ages classes:

12 months – 36 months

(12 months – 5 years mixed ages)

“Maestro Tots”  45 minutes 

Bring your little one and be there to see the light in their eyes and joy in their precious little faces, as they discover music. We will move and groove to popular songs, play on age appropriate instruments, and have as much fun as your little people can handle.  We start our classes with a welcome song, and follow it with singing, instrument exploration, and movement and rhythm activities. The music class will be guided for approx 30 minutes, at which time we will do a craft, and then the children will have some free play time, in which they can explore and play in the studio with the instruments, props, and other children. We will end with a clean up song and then Goodbye. This class is play based.  It includes sensory activities, stories, and crafts that are tied in with music.  Caregiver must attend with the child

Un-parented classes: 3-5 year olds

All the below content is covered throughout the year from September to June.  Depending on which session your child is enrolled in, they will learn about one of the below topics.  If you put them in consecutive sessions, they will get to take part in all of the topics.

   “MINI MUSICIANS”  1  hour

A fun and interactive introduction to some of the key basics of music learning, presented in an age appropriate manner.  We will delve deeper into rhythm, pitch, tonal patterns, musical expression, and even touch on some very basic note learning.  Classes will be fun filled and your child will have the beginning of a foundation on formal music learning. This will help prepare them for future music lessons, in the instrument of their choice.  Join two exciting puppet friends, Rufas and Ruby, and let them guide you through the fun of becoming a mini musician.


Join us as we explore music through stories. Each week we will discover a new “musical story”. Along with the stories we will play related instruments, move, sing, and create art.


A fun and interactive introduction to a mini orchestra. We will explore orchestral instruments and music, move, sing and play instruments.


This session will introduce your preschooler to the music of our world.  Each week we will explore the music and culture from a different part of our amazing world.  We will explore cultural instruments, song,  rhythm, and crafts.